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Just Watched: John Tucker Must Die

Hey! ^_^
I just finished watching "John Tucker Must Die" for the 3rd time today.. haha
This is the first time that im blogging about it though.
This movie is about Kate Spencer who has been practically invisible throughout her life. And then stumbles to Kodiak High where John Tucker is "The Man"
Apparently, John Tucker has a LOT of girlfriends and he goes out with them all at the same time. When these girls finally know about each other, all hell breaks loose. But when they got into detention with Kate she gives them an idea to get revenge with John Tucker. And thats where the story really begins!
Its a lot of fun to watch and really funny.
I was able to watch it while eating popcorn that we popped at home. Its totally better than the popcorn you buy, coz its a lot cheaper, and you can add as much cheese as you want!! Ciao!