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Craving for Country Story

Ive been playing games on Facebook for 1 year and 5 months. And I have always played at the office. During that time Ive started playing Country Story for 8 months or so until they blocked the port for country story to work at the office and now I cant play it. So after 7 months I tried playing it again in an internet cafe and I still love it!! I love the cute graphics of the game, I love how the character plows like mad, and I just love everything about the game, especially the loading screen!! ^_^ I guess this is just the effect of yearning for something you dont have.. But still I cant help but waste money at an internet cafe in order to play it. *sigh*
What Im hoping for is 1 of 2 things, for country story to be allowed again in the office or to get internet connection at home to play all I want!! Yeah!!