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Favorite Show: Nodame Cantabile (Chiaki Sempai Kakkoi!!)

Nodame Cantabile is another favorite show of mine. ^_^ It ranks first and second is Hana Kimi. Weeheee

It’s my favorite show coz it concerns music and has an incredibly handsome lead character by the name of Chiaki Shinichi (played by Hiroshi Tamaki). Kyaaaaaa!! XP

The story is mainly about the girl named Noda Megumi(played by Ueno Juri). She is a hentai(pervert), a sloppy girl who only shampoos her hair every three days, doesn’t know how to cook, and leaves her room looking like a trash dump. But despite all that, Nodame is incredibly talented when it comes to playing the piano. One day, she happens to pick up the drunk Chiaki-sempai and that’s where their story begins..

Chiaki Shinichi, being the lead character also has a dream, like Naruto who wants to be the Hokage and like Luffy who wants to be the King of Pirates, Chiaki wants to be a conductor. There is no problem at all when it comes to talent, coz Chiaki is what you can call a tensai(genius) when it comes to those things. He can play the piano and violin very well, and he was trained by Maestro Viera in his conducting so he’s extremely good at it. The problem is.. he cant go abroad to study. Why? Because he had a plane accident when he was a kid and became traumatized. He cant go by boat either, coz he was drowned when he was younger and got traumatized as well, heehee

This show is incredibly funny too! Chiaki sempai always hits, punches or throws Nodame away.. Chiaki also gets hit sometimes, he even gets convulsions! heeeheee

You can also listen to really great classical music in this show. My favorite is Beethoven Symphony 7, this iwas used in the opening theme as well as the last piece that they played. And the other would be Rachmaninoff, the piano concert of Chiaki Sempai and conducted by Maestro Stresseman.

It would have been nice if Chiaki and Nodame actually had a kissing scene in this show.. weeheee

This is an incredibly fun and cute story, try watching it! You can download the series from http://s-projects.com