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Favorite Show: Hanazakari no Kimitachi E (Oh YEAH!! GIRLZ RULE!!)

Hanazakari no Kimitachi e is a jdrama that is based on a Manga with the same title, it was first dramatized in Taiwan, which is now being shown in Channel 2, and the newer and better version by the Japanese is being shown in Channel 7. And it is definitely better!1 Wahahaha

Ashiya Mizuki is a strong willed girl who falls in love with a high jump athlete named Sano Izumi and decides to go to the all boys school where Sano studies. Since its an All Boys School. Ashiya therefore pretends to be a boy.. Tanoshii ne? (Interesting isn’t it?)

My favorite part in this series is when Sano gets drunk and starts kissing people! Wahahaha! Imagine him Kissing Ashiya and Nakatsu in Episode two! And even Kagurazaka in episode 7!! Yahoo!

Every episode of this series has an event in it, there’s the mr Osaka contest, the sports fest, the school festival, the modeling contest, and all other activities where the students of Osaka Gakuen were able to have fun and bond with each other.

Although the main pairing is that of Sano and Ashiya, I really wanted Nakatsu and Ashiya to be together. They are just sooo Kawaiii together!!! Plus, Nakatsu is TEN TIMES MORE HANDSOME than Sano!!!! Kyaaa!!!! But anyways, Sano x Nakatsu pairing is not bad either!!! Wahahahaha!

Oh yeah!
This is really my favorite show!! Wahahaha
Its so funny!
This version of hana kimi is way better than the taiwanese version!! Uhuh! ^_^

My favorite character of course is Ashiya Mizuki and Nakatsu!!
Ike Ike!! Go Go Go!!!