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Favorite Anime: La Cordia de Oro

This is my Favorite Anime Right now alongside with Yamato Nadeshiko. It’s a love story slash school life with a lot of music involved in it. Well first of all their studying in a music school that’s divided into two, a music school and a general ed school. Music students wear white uniforms and gen-ed students wear black uniforms.


The story revolves around Hino Kahoko, a 2nd year gen-ed student who got into the concours, a musical competition within the school. However she doesn’t really know how to play any musical instrument, the only reason she was included in the concours was because she can see Lili, a music fairy. The very same fairy that blessed the music school 25 years ago. Because of the great handicap that she can’t really play any musical instrument, Lili gave Hino a magical violin that she can play, but she has to use her feeling and heart for the music to come out. I think

In the duration of the competition Hino got to know all the other guys that are part of the competition.

3rd Year Class B – Yunoki Azuma - Flute

3rd Year Class B - Hihara Kazuki – Trumpet

2nd Year Class A - Tsukimori Len – Violin

1st Year Class A - Shimizu Keiichi - Cello

2nd Year Section 5 - Tsuchiura Ryoutarou - Piano

They are all pretty boys ne?! Kyaaa! I still haven’t finished it, but I bet its gonna be tsuchiura who’s gonna get Hino!. That’s it!