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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: My opinion to the conclusion of Harry’s Story

First off, I have been an avid fan of harry potter since I have heard of him during my last year in elementary. And it wasn’t the book I first knew, the movie. But because of my fascination of the story of Harry I wanted to know what will happen next and read the other books. So that’s when it all started.

I am not that much of a hardcore fan alright, I just read. I don’t analyze the story nor do I make predictions or whatnot. I just think what I think and say what I say. So about this last book that every hp fan has awaited for a long time, I think its fifty fifty, Fifty says Amazing, another fifty says Disappointing.

Amazing. It’s a great read, it makes you think that you are actually seeing feeling hearing what is happening in the book.

Disappointing. I was expecting more things to happen to Severus, rather than just die in the bubble of Nagini. I was hoping that no more of the good guys die but some still did (Fred, Tonks, & Lupin and others)I was hoping very hard that Dumbledore was going to be resurrected or something but he wasn’t. And I was also hoping that the ending/epilogue wasn’t just some vague scene of their kids going to school. I was hoping that JK wrote what happened to everyone else.. There are still a lot of questions left unanswered..

Who is the new DADA teacher? Is it Harry?

Has the jinx been removed?

What happened to Diagon alley?

How and when did Hermione& Ron and Harry & Ginny marry?

Are the Dursleys still alive?

Has Dudley changed?

Did Bill and Fleur have a werewolf for a child?

Is Ted Lupin a werewolf?

Is the ministry using dementors again?

Is the Order still intact?

Are there still dark wizards left for aurors to catch?

What are their jobs especially Harry??

Can wandlore be a new subject at hogwarts?

Is Ollivander the only one left selling wands?

And so, Being both amazed and disappointed I ask you to read the book and tell me if you agree or disagree with me..

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