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Watched High School Musical 2

This Sunday, while Typhoon "Hannah" was destroying peoples lives in the cordillera regions of the Philippines, Me and my Family watched the movie High School Musical 2. Its not as good as the first one though and the only songs that I liked were What Time is It? and You are the Music in Me. which is nothing compared to the songs of the first High School Musical.
Let me also tell you about how we got to watch the movie. So first of alll you will need a dvd of the movie in order to watch it right? So we went to Imus Palengke to buy a DVd. First we chanced upon a vendor that sells VCDs and it only costs 35 pesos but the quality of the movie was not that good and the subtitles were not understandable. so we didnt buy it. Next we came upon a DVD copy of the movie but the vendor sells it for 50 pesos whch is already expensive in my point of view which is why we had to hag the vendor but he wont budge. Sio we left and found a third vendor that sells a DVd copy of High School Musical with correct subtitle and for only 40.00 pesos not bad right but I still got a discount when I asked for It so we got it for only 35 hihihihi