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Why is the world so unfair?

Ok, so im a fourth year student and should be graduating this coming march of 2008, I am also the breadwinner of the family and am expected to provide for the family. The problems are I dont know whether I will graduate or not, and I dont know if I will get a job or not.. I just came from a seminar earlier of Gradsprep, Gradsprep ,eans Graduation Preparation and the goal of the program is to prepare us graduating students for our future employment. But I still dont know whether I will even pass this semester because of the god damned teacher in entrepreneurship! In additon, the damned teacher doesnt want us to have a special project that could help us to pass the subject.!! Also, the damned thesis that I am working on is till not finished in its documentation stage and were expected to present the damn thing next month, on the first week!!! Waah... You know, I really dont know why I got into this course, Information Technology but damn it I hope I get to graduate.. I really want to help my parents.. Waaahhh ;'(


shi_wakamaru said...

ate, ate, ate....

why are you so worried about the future?? about you being the breadwinner of our family?? Eh. HELLO!!!! I think naman you're competent enough for whatever career you want to pursue after you graduate noh!! SO STOP WORRYING!!! Mag-aral ka muna noh!!!! I will help di naman noh!!!